About Us

Well, we do not need to write a story to explain what we are up to with this website. We all know, and experiencing the effects of increased natural disasters, due to the global warming. We also know the cause of these effects as deforestation, mostly to produce the paper.

We have traveled our journey from the paper and pen times, and are into digital and virtual world. We hardly use paper and pen in our daily life, and we may not be surprised in next 10 years, when our children or grand children don't see any paper and pen, and it becomes a history. But those future generations may also not have the luxury of enjoying the natural resources such as pure water, air and even food as we are enjoying currently.

This website is to help those future generations as much as we can by educating and helping the people to reuse the books which they have already read, and just lying in the shelves ruled by spiders. A book is not just a paper but it is also an immense knowledge, and knowledge is to share but not to store in the shelf. We may feel proud to posses a rare book, and passing it to our generations after generations, and we do not have a chance to see whether that rare book of knowledge is being read and understood by our future generations.

You are not asked to sell such books if any, perhaps you can lend it to those needed, avoiding them to purchase a new book. Most of us will not read a book more than once or twice, and it just ends up in some corner of our house library. It's time for this story to end, and hope you all got our message, and welcoming to our green community.

BukuLama.com team